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Starting with evidence-based practice training during orientation, Children’s National nurses are steeped in our process for translating sources of evidence into tailored care for patients and families, evaluating care outcomes and sharing the results with colleagues across our health system and the world.

Evidence-based practice permeates our day-to-day practice through our: 

  • Nursing Quality Program, promoting quality and safety improvement, conducting evidence-based performance improvement activities at the unit and department level
  • Culture of Nursing Excellence (CONE) Teams, providing a structure to analyze processes and improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and nurse satisfaction
  • Regular updates to practice guidelines based on the latest research by our Nurse Practice Council:
    • Research requirements in our Nursing Residency curriculum
  • On-staff health science librarian and online health science library 
  • Doctoral Support Group and open office hours supporting nurses’ scholarly research
  • Individual consultations on research, evidence-based practice and quality
  • Quality indicators measurement and participation in national nursing databases such as NDNQI and NACHRI to address nurse-sensitive quality indicators
  • Nursing Research and Quality Outcomes Day which brings together experts from across disciplines, to share new advances, innovations and methods

Through these initiatives, our nursing program is developing into a nationally-recognized setting for pediatric nursing and interprofessional scholarly research.

Partners in Care

Children’s National nurses are valued partners that share in decision-making with the entire healthcare team — patients, families, physicians and the community.

We communicate openly with patients and families to help them make informed health-related decisions, explain every step of the care plan and connect them with any additional support they need.

Our nurses work with physicians and colleagues across disciplines to develop individualized care plans for each patient, as well as improve care delivery for all of our patients.

We encourage our nurses to engage the community, governments and outside organizations to advocate and advance the prevention, detection and treatment needed to improve children’s health.

Professional Development

Because we know our nurses and our nursing practice must evolve alongside the ever-changing healthcare environment, professional development stands as the fourth pillar in our Professional Practice Model.

Across our division, we work to uphold professional standards, promote the autonomy of the profession and support the professional growth of each of our nurses.

Learn more about Nursing Education.

Shared Nursing Leadership

At Children’s National, our nurses also have a voice in decisions that directly impact care in the unit, department and entire health system through Shared Nursing Leadership.

Through unit- and hospital-wide platforms for shared decision-making, communication and collaboration, our nurses can get involved with leadership councils that steer our nursing practice.

  • The Practice Council ensures a safe, evidence-based practice environment and disseminates best practices within a patient and family-centered care environment.
  • Our Professional Development Council advances the professional development and autonomy of the nurse and facilitates career development at all levels of our nursing team.
  • The Resource and Innovation Council employs creativity and critical thinking to optimize utilization of human and fiscal resources, enhance recruitment and retention, and purposefully advance nursing practice.
  • Our Quality and Research Council facilitates improved clinical, work environment and patient experience outcomes and fosters quality improvement and nursing research at all levels of practice.
  • The Advocacy Council promotes care of patients and families from the bedside to communities worldwide and enhances the image of nursing through external recognition.
  • Our Advanced Practice Council provides a forum for advanced practice providers to participate in shared decision-making and enhance the professional development and practice of interdisciplinary providers.