Children's National Medical Center

2012 Community Benefit Report

Children's National Mobile Health Program/
Children's Health Project of DC

Access to medical care is a problem for many residents in communities throughout the District of Columbia. While many people live in areas lacking healthcare in the vicinity, others are near clinics and other health facilities that are beyond capacity. Children's Health Project of DC is dedicated to filling the gaps in neighborhoods where a fixed medical location has yet to be established by providing a mobile health unit. Working as a team with community-based organizations, social services agencies, and public housing communities, mobile unit staff identifies areas of the city in need of pediatric services and establishes a weekly schedule for the unit to park and deliver care.

The mobile unit staff partners with neighborhoods, providing educational sessions and taking part in community events and activities. On the unit, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals provide a variety of services, including medical physicals, check-ups, screenings, treatments, and behavioral counseling. Comprehensive dental care is coordinated through the school and head start programs to ensure full utilization. Last year, the Mobile Health team attended 18 community outreach events where they made contact with more than 1,800 residents. Thirty-nine educational sessions for teens, adults, parents, and grandparents helped make families healthier and communities stronger. Watch the video to learn more about the Children's Health Project of DC.