Children's National Medical Center

2012 Community Benefit Report

District of Columbia Healthy Communities Collaborative (DCHCC)

Children's National has a long and proud tradition of collaborating with public and private entities to proactively address the health needs of District of Columbia residents. A recent alliance with DC hospitals and community health centers will continue this practice, through the District of Columbia Healthy Communities Collaborative (DCHCC). The collaborative, through the collective input of its members, and its shared vision, accountability, and resources, will work to define the city's health priorities and identify the very best approaches for improving community health. In addition, the group plans to utilize a timely, local, and actionable community-driven health information web portal called DC Health Matters. The portal is unique and important because it provides a level of data transparency of DC community health that was previously unavailable in one central location. The portal will be used to issue written reports, develop a responsive health improvement plan, and track progress through community reporting, as well as connect community health data to promising practices, local resources, and funding opportunities.

At every stage, stakeholders will be encouraged to take part in the process, first by participating on a community advisory board, and then by reviewing and providing input during the needs assessment and plan development processes. The collaborative plans to produce and implement a comprehensive and far-reaching plan designed to improve the health status of the city through the 21st century and beyond. For more information about the DC Healthy Communities Collaborative view

The District of Columnbia Health Communities Collaborative