Children's National Medical Center

2012 Community Benefit Report

Community Investment

TOTAL COMMUNITY BENEFIT         $102,277,822

TOTAL Uncompensated Care
Financial Assistance
Medicaid Shortfalls
Bad Debt*

* Bad debt and community building activities are part of our community investment but are not recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as community benefits; therefore, the financials associated with these categories are not included in the numbers for total community benefit categories and total community benefit.

TOTAL Community Benefit Categories
Community Health Improvement Services
Health Professions Education
Subsidized Health Services
Cash and In-Kind Contributions
Community Benefit Operations
Community Building Activities*

Community Health Improvement Services

Includes activities carried out to improve community health that are usually subsidized by the health care organization. It includes community health education, community-based clinical services, and health care support services. Such services do not generate inpatient bills, although they may involve a nominal fee and/or sliding scale fee.

Health Professions Education

The negative margin (the difference between cost and reimbursements) incurred in providing clinical settings, internships, and programs for physicians, nurses, and health professionals.

Uncompensated Care

Includes financial assistance, bad debt, and Medicaid shortfalls. Financial assistance is free and discounted care given to persons deemed unable to pay based on established financial assistance policies.


Includes the clinical and community health research that is funded from a tax-exempt or government entity. This includes studies on health care delivery that are shared with others outside the organizations and should generate generalizable knowledge. For community benefit purposes, research priorities should be placed on issues related to reducing health disparities and preventable illnesses.