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  Meet Egypt Middleton, RN, Children’s School Services

Egypt Middleton, RN, Children’s School Services
Children often repeat things they hear at school. Sometimes, those things make parents’ hair stand on end. But if your child is a student at Savoy Elementary School in Washington, DC, he or she may come home repeating essential health and wellness advice from Egypt Middleton, RN, Children’s School Services.
As a school nurse in Children’s School Services, School Health Nursing Program Middleton provides direct health care to students, screenings and referrals for health conditions, promotes a healthy school environment, and serves as a liaison between faculty, family, community, and healthcare providers. “I care for the students when they’re ill, perform dental and vision screenings, coordinate with the Department of Health to ensure the students have the proper immunizations, and I get to go into the classroom to teach the children about nutrition, obesity, general health and wellness, and dental hygiene,” said Middleton.
It’s Middleton’s devotion to healthcare education that makes her such an important part of the Washington, DC community. According to Middleton, her lessons are often repeated by her students to their parents and other members of their families. She hopes this communications ripple effect will help reduce the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S. “Right now we have children who aren’t eating right or exercising. They’re in fifth or sixth grade and they’re already running into kidney problems, type 2 diabetes, and other serious health issues related to poor nutrition and obesity,” said Middleton. She sees this issue as a challenge, and she’s more than up to it. “Part of my job is to educate students and their families about proper nutrition and empower them to make healthy decisions.”
Middleton’s passion for nursing and serving the community comes from her mother. “When I was young I remember my mom took care of people as a nursing assistant. That’s what drew me to the field of nursing,” said Middleton. She recalls the countless times that her mother provided medical care for friends, relatives, and acquaintances after she was finished with a long day of work. It’s that compassion and altruism that Middleton brings to work with her every day. “You have to be a patient person, a caring person, and most of all you have to be selfless. And it has to be something that you want to do for the rest of your life,” said Middleton.
Just as Middleton’s students most certainly learn from her, she notes that they have helped her as well.  “I learn from these sweet, happy, curious children every day and I learn from their parents too. I just love working as a school nurse because it’s all about the children and the community. When these children come to me in need, it reminds me why I wanted to become a nurse in the first place,” said Middleton.

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