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Kristen A. Breslin, MD

The Center for Hospital-based Specialties

Hospitalist Medicine
Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services

Board CertificationsAmerican Board of Pediatrics
Foreign LanguagesSpanish
National Provider Identifier1295790715

Service LocationsChildren's National Medical Center - Sheikh Zayed Campus for Advanced Children's Medicine
111 Michigan Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010
Map | Driving Directions

Phone: 202-476-5000

Kristen Breslin, MD, is a pediatric emergency and hospitalist medicine physician at Children's National.
TypeSchoolLocationDegreeField of StudyYears
Undergraduate Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MABachelor of Science 1991 -1994
Medical School Harvard Medical School Boston, MADoctor of Medicine 1995 -1999
Affiliations and Memberships
TitleInstitutionCommittee / SectionYears
MemberAmerican Academy of Pediatrics1999 - 2009
Journal Article, Shriver-Lake, L., Donner, B., Edelstein, R., Breslin, K., Bhatia, S., Ligler, F. (1997), Antibody Immobilization Using Heterobifunctional Crosslinkers, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 12, 1101-1106.

Journal Article, Anderson, GP., Breslin, KA., Ligler, FS. (1996), Assay Development for a Portable Fiberoptic Biosensor, American Society of Artificial Internal Organs, 42, 942-946.

Journal Article, Shriver-Lake, LC., Breslin, KA., Ligler, FS. (1995), Detection of TNT in Water Using an Evanescent Wave Fiber-Optic Biosensor, Analytical Chemistry, 57, 2431-2435.

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Journal Article, Wijesuriya, D., Breslin, KA., Charles, PT., Conrad, DW., Golden, JP., Ligler, FS. (1994), Regeneration of Immobilized Antibodies on Fiber Optic Probes, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 9, 585-592.

Journal Article, Shriver-Lake, L., Breslin, K., Golden, J., Judd, L., Choi, J., Ligler, F. (1994), A Fiber Optic Biosensor for the Detection of TNT, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers Proceedings, 2367, 52-58.

Journal Article, Golden, J., Anderson, G., Shriver-Lake, L., Doyle, J., Breslin, K., Ogert, R., Ligler, F. (1994), A Fiber Optic Biosensor Optimized for Detection in the Evanescent Wave: Meeting the Challenge of Environmental Sensing, Air & Waste Management Association Proceedings, 89, 85-90.

Journal Article, Golden, J., Anderson, G., Ogert, R., Breslin, K., Ligler, F. (1992), An Evanescent Wave Fiber Optic Biosensor: Challenges for Real World Sensing, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers Proceedings, 1796, 2-8.

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