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Clarivet Torres, MD

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The Joseph E. Robert, Jr. Center for Surgical Care

Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Video Opportunities for Condom Education and Safer Sex (VOICES)

Specialties: Post-transplant care, Pre-transplant evaluation, Omphalocele, Hirschsprung disease

Foreign LanguagesSpanish
National Provider Identifier1831149426

Service LocationsChildren's National Medical Center - Sheikh Zayed Campus for Advanced Children's Medicine
111 Michigan Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010
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Phone: 202-476-5000
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Clarivet Torres, MD, is an internationally recognized expert in short bowel, intestinal rehabilitation, and liver/small bowel transplant rehabilitation. Dr. Torres treats patients from around the country who require the expertise of a multidisciplinary pediatric intestinal rehabilitation program.
TypeSchoolLocationDegreeField of StudyYears
Medical School Colegio Mayor/Nuestra Senora del Rosario Santa Fe De Bogota, ColumbiaDoctor of Medicine 1975 -1981
National & International Recognitions
Best Pediatric Plenum of the YearHospital Infantil Lorencita Villegas de Santos1986
Best Forum of the YearHospital Infantil Lorencita Villegas de Santos1985

Affiliations and Memberships
TitleInstitutionCommittee / SectionYears
MemberInternational Pediatric Transplantation Associatio2002 - 2009
MemberAmerican Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrit1998 - 2009
MemberAmerican Society of Transplantation2001 - 2009
MemberAmerican Gastroenterology Association1998 - 2009
MemberNorth American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterol1998 - 2009
Journal Article, Torres, C., Sudan, D. (2007), Role of an Intestinal Rehabilitation Program in the Treatment of Advance Intestinal Failure., Journal of Pediatriac Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 45, 2, 204-212.

Journal Article, Torres, C., Vanderhoof, J. (2006), Chronic Complications of Short Bowel Syndrome, Current Paediatrics, 16, 291-297.

Journal Article, Botha, J.F., Grant, W.J., Torres, C., Iverson, A.K., Sudan, D.L., Shaw, B.W. Jr., Langnas, A.N. (2006), Isolated Liver Transplantation in Infants with End-Stage Liver Disease Due to Short Bowel Syndrome. , Liver Transplant, 12, 7, 1062-1066.

Journal Article, Torres, C., Vanderhoof, J. (2006), Chronic Complications of Short Bowel Syndrome, Current Paediatrics, 16, 291-297.

Journal Article, Sudan, D., DiBaise, J., Torres, C., Thompson, J., Raynor, S., Gilroy, R., Horslen, S., Grant, W., Botha J, Langnas A. (2005), A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Intestinal Failure, Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery , 9, 2, 165-177.

Journal Article, Torres, C. (2005), Intestinal Failure: Is it Permanent? , Current Opinion in Organ Transplant, 10, 132-136.

Journal Article, Mejia, A., Langnas, A., Shaw, Byers., Torres, C., Sudan, D. (2005), Living and Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation for Unresectable Hepatoblastoma at a Single Center. , Clinical Transplantation, 19, 6, 721-725.

Journal Article, Lyer, K.R., Horslen, S., Torres, C., Vanderhoof, J.A., Langnas, A.N. (2004), Functional liver recovery parallels autologous gut salvage in short bowel syndrome., Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 39, 3, 340-344.

Journal Article, Sudan, D., Horslen, S., Botha, J., Grant, W., Torres, C., Shaw, B. Jr., Langnas, A.N. (2004), Quality of Life after Pediatric Intestinal Transplantation: The Perception of Pediatric Recipients and Their Parents, American Journal of Transplantation, 4, 3, 407-413.

Journal Article, Horslen, S., Torres, C., Collier, D., Iyer, K., Sudan, D., Shaw, B., Langnas, A. (2002), Initial Experience Using Rapamycin Immunosuppression in Pediatric iIntestinal Transplant Recipients, Transplantation Proceedings, 34, 3, 934-935.

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