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Pediatric Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service (PCLS)
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Pediatric Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service (PCLS)

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The clinical expertise provided by Children’s specialists is complemented with a personal and compassionate approach to care that accounts for the impact of an illness on the whole child and on the entire family.

We understand that mental health is an important component of overall health, and we work as integrated members of the care team to ensure that all necessary services are included in addressing each patient’s needs.  Children admitted to the hospital are referred for consultation by their primary medical team, and services are provided in close coordination with that team.  

Common questions and concerns we assess include:
• Difficulties adjusting to hospitalization
• Problems coping with acute or chronic medical illnesses
• Emotional or behavioral changes that are side effects of medical treatments or caused by medical illness
• Whether physical illness may be caused or worsened by emotional or behavioral problems or by stressors in a child’s life
• Whether there are any problematic interactions between a child’s psychiatric medications and the treatment they are receiving for their medical problems

Our team partners with patients, families, and their medical teams including doctors, nurses, Child Life Specialists, and social workers, to support children and families to address emotional and behavioral issues in healthy and positive ways.  If your child does have a mental health issue we can also help ensure that this is appropriately managed during their hospitalization
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