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Asthma Clinic

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Asthma-related emergency room visits are common for children across the United States and especially in the Washington, DC, area where the prevalence of children with asthma is significant.

Children’s National Medical Center established the Asthma Clinic as a resource for patients and families who have experienced an asthma emergency. Our goal is to help children and their parents learn how to manage the condition so kids can stay active and healthy — helping kids be kids.

Services for Patients and Families
We evaluate and treat patients with complicated asthma, whose asthma is not well-controlled, and patients with related conditions, such as allergies, reflux, and scoliosis. Patients are referred to the Asthma Clinic by pediatricians at the hospital, community emergency department providers, and other pediatric specialists.
Learn more about asthma and asthma management with Children’s related online materials for parents and patients:
Asthma: A Guide for Patients and Families (brochure)
Help kids control their asthma (article)
Asthma Study Cites Misuse of Inhalers (article)

Care in the Asthma Clinic includes complete diagnostic pulmonary laboratory testing for every patient.
Pulmonary nurses and respiratory therapists teach you and your child about the condition, daily asthma management, and what to do in an emergency including how to use rescue and maintenance medications such as inhalers. Ultimately, improved asthma management can help minimize the chance of an emergency department visit for an acute attack.

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Division Chief of Allergy and Immunology, Stephen Teach, MD, MPH, shares lessons learned from pediatric asthma patients.

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