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Burn Program

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Children’s National Medical Center is the designated pediatric burn center for Washington, DC, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Each year, the Burn Program treats more than 1,000 children on an outpatient basis and children who require hospitalization for burn injuries.

Burns are among the most painful injuries for children, and the program’s state-of the-art, patient and family-focused facility includes a procedure room with pain management and anesthesia services for patients with more severe injuries. We know how difficult treatment can be for patients and parents, and take steps to ensure you can stay close by while your child is with our care team.

Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists from many disciplines who provide compassionate and comprehensive care for patients and their families:
• Case managers  
• Child life specialists
• Intensivists (critical care physicians)
• Nurse practitioners
• Occupational therapists
• Pediatric anesthesiologists
• Pediatric surgeons
• Physical therapists
• Social workers

Children’s National is the only hospital in the Washington, DC, area that guarantees your child’s anesthesia is administered by a fellowship-trained pediatric anesthesiologist at any time of the day or night – 24/7.

Education and Research
Efforts to prevent burn injuries are an important extension of our work. Children’s National is actively involved in research and public education campaigns to reduce the risk of accidents and prevent serious injuries. We collaborate with local, community, and national organizations and leaders on outreach and public education programs, clinical education for medical professionals, and participate in related research

We teach families, children, and caregivers, how identify risks, create a safer environment for kids, and what to do in an emergency. For more information and to schedule a prevention education program, contact Sally Wilson, RN: 202-476-4090.

Courses such as Trauma Update and Trauma Core Curriculum are also offered for healthcare professionals.
When to Call a Doctor
If you child has a burn injury, call a doctor if your child:
  • Has a temperature greater than 101.5° that lasts for 2 days
  • Has thick, bad smelling fluid from the burn wound
  • Has redness around the burn wound
  • Has bleeding that continues after applying constant pressure for two minutes
  • Has a dressing that will not stay in place
  • Has a dressing, which has moved leaving the burn wound exposed.
  • Has an outer dressing that is completely saturated.
  • Has significant pain
  • Will not eat

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