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Cardiology Research

Children’s Research Institute is a leader in cardiology research, with the goal of determining what causes congenital heart disease in children. Factors such as genetics and environment are currently being investigated by Children’s National Heart Institute team members. Clinical research also is being conducted on catheterization laboratory devices, as well as the pathophysiology of autonomic disorders.

One of the major accomplishments in pediatric cardiovascular surgery research has been the optimization of neurological outcomes. Prospective randomized surgical trials led to changes in heart-lung bypass procedures which limit the potential for brain damage during surgery and improve the quality of life for our patients. In addition, our lead surgeon pioneered efforts to correct complex congenital heart defects on infants, preventing secondary organ damage. Advancements have opened the benefits of surgery to young babies, many of which are performed on children under three months.

Children’s National is part of the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative, a network of peer institutions and families working together to improve care and outcomes associated with heart defects through collaboration.

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