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The Division of Urology at Children’s National Medical Center is the largest pediatric group in the Washington, DC, area. Children’s pediatric urologists have more than 100 years of combined experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all genitourinary (urogenital) system disorders affecting the reproductive and urinary organs. 

The Best in Care for Kids
Many urological system disorders and illnesses are most often or only seen in children. These conditions require highly specialized care from pediatric physicians, surgeons, nurses, and medical technicians. Our team cares for surgical and non-surgical conditions, such as infections and enuresis (bedwetting), and more.

The division coordinates the appropriate tests and services to identify the cause of your child’s condition, confirm a diagnosis, or evaluate the effectiveness of treatments. Expert technologists and radiologists in the Division of Imaging and Radiology perform many of the urology imaging studies in a family-centered environment. You can even stay close by or with your child for many procedures.

Surgical Services
If surgery is necessary, our skilled surgical team performs urological surgeries for all of the congenital and acquired urinary tract abnormalities that may affect the kidneys, ureters (small tubes between the kidneys and bladder), bladder, and male or female genitalia.

The division’s surgeons use advanced technology to perform more minimally invasive procedures that lessen pain for patients, reduce recovery time, and ease some of the stress for families. For certain urological surgeries we use the robotic da Vinci Surgical System. The da Vinci allows surgeons to perform precise movements for even the smallest patients. Children’s National has one of the most experienced robotic surgeons in the country.

Special Programs
Specialists from our clinics offer additional support and resources for patients and their families:
  • Urinary Stone Program, one of the few in the United States, treats children with kidney, ureteral, and bladder stones
  • Wetting and Soiling Help (W.A.S.H.) Clinic focuses on helping children with simple voiding disorders, like daytime wetting and bedwetting, and more complicated cases
  • Minimally invasive Surgery Program includes advance laparoscopic and robotic surgeries for congenital anomalies of the urinary tract
  • Spina Bifida Clinic focuses on evaluation, nonoperative and operative management of children born with neuropathic bladder dysfunction associated with Spina Bifida and other neurological disorders.
Urology Referral Guidelines
Phone consultations from physicians are encouraged. Other physicians at Children’s National often refer patients to our division for chronic (long term) urologic conditions, such as repeated urinary tract infections. If your child needs to see one of our specialists, we coordinate with your child’s regular doctor to develop a seamless care plan.

Consultation Information for Parents
You may arrange an outpatient consultation for most conditions at any of our outpatient facilities. However, evaluation of children with urinary tract infections is best arranged through our hospital office. To reduce the number of trips for the family, radiographic and sonographic evaluation is arranged for the date of consultation. Children’s Division of Imaging and Radiology can perform these evaluations. If studies have been done previously, bring all images (usually on a portable CD) and reports with you to the initial visit or first consultation. It is important to bring all CDs with imaging tests and the report.

The Division of Urology strives to offer care in the most efficient manner possible. Fax copies of any clinical information already obtained to the office before you schedule an appointment. For patients referred for a urinary tract infection, fax a copy of any and all urine culture reports to the office. Also, remember to bring any radiological or sonographic studies with you to the first consultation.

Support for Families at Children’s
When a child is ill, we recognize that it affects the entire family. Children’s created the Parent’s Letter Project for parents to help support each other by sharing their stories. Read letters from another parent with a child at Children’s National.

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