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Frequently Asked Questions

When are calls an emergency?

Following are examples of conditions that should be treated as an emergency call:
•    A child under 2 years old with a rectal fever of 100.5 or more checked rectally
•    Difficulty breathing
•    Bleeding from nose, ear, mouth, or rectum
•    Injury resulting in loss of consciousness, bleeding, suspicion of fracture, damage to eye, or laceration
•    Suspicion of ingestion of toxic or poisonous substance or foreign bodies
•    Convulsion (seizures)
•    Persistent severe abdominal pain
•    Severe earache
•    Prolonged vomiting

When should a physical appointment be scheduled?

A physical appointment for your child should be scheduled well in advance because of the length of time involved. Bring any records, reports, or pertinent information along with the child to ensure we keep your child’s medical history up to date.   

Do your doctors provide after hours access?

The after hour care is available only via telephone. Please have available the following: paper, pen, and your pharmacy telephone number.      

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What is the schedule for childhood and adolescent immunizations?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends these immunization schedules:
0-6 Years
7-18 Years
4 months- 18 Years (who start late or who are more than one month behind)

If members of our family and care givers smoke, how does this affect children?

Children are very sensitive to any irritants in the air. They may develop nasal congestion, runny nose, coughing, and occasionally wheezing. This congestion may lead to more frequent ear infections, sinus infections, or bronchitis. Even occasional smoking in the house may be enough to cause health issues for the child.

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Are there different types of ear pain problems?

Yes, there is swimmer’s ear and middle ear infection. Swimmer’s ear is when water getting in the outer ear canal and causes irritation and inflammation of the canal. The more common ear problem is the middle ear infection, most of which are caused by bacteria. It is usually associated with a cold, runny nose, and congestion. Both types of ear pain problems should be treated by doctor.    

How do I get special forms for my child filled out by the doctor’s office?

Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for the office staff to process the forms and staff will notify you for pick up. There is a fee, which is not covered by the insurance company.

How can I get a prescription refill of my child’s medication?

Call the office and inform the staff that your child needs a prescription refill. The information will be relayed to the doctor who will prepare the prescription and submit it electronically to a pharmacy or for pick by an authorized adult.

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