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Weight-Loss Treatment

Here at Children’s National, we have several opportunities to help your child lead a healthier lifestyle. Childhood obesity is a growing problem for the nation, but especially in Washington, DC, where an estimated 18 percent of school-aged children are obese.

Poor diet and physical inactivity are two of the major contributors to DC’s obesity issues and these are also the more preventable causes of death. At Children’s National, we emphasize improving diet and exercise far before the weight-loss surgery is introduced.

For children who are obese, Children’s offers two programs that provide comprehensive support. Both programs aim to help children and families achieve healthy lifestyles. Because the programs offer specialized care, there are specific criteria that need to be met to be seen, including a BMI of more than 95 percent.

The two treatment programs are:
  • IDEAL Clinic: For children ages 2 – 18 who have been classified as obese, this clinic offers personalized, multidisciplinary intervention and treatment for children and their families.

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Program: For adolescents who have been classified as morbidly obese and have other health conditions caused by obesity, weight-loss surgery may be an appropriate treatment.
Patient Success Stories:
Children’s has already helped patients lead healthier lives through our services. Renesha Sizer was an overweight 19 year old, who had been struggling with her weight and staving off a family history of diabetes all her life. With the help of the Obesity Institute’s Co-Director Evan Nadler, MD, and his team, Renesha successfully underwent the sleeve gastrectomy minimally invasive surgery and now in her third year of college, leads a healthy, physical lifestyle she never had.

Maria, another successful patient, also worked with Dr. Nadler and his team. She came to Children’s from Boston upon hearing about the comprehensive care offered here. A team including Dr. Nadler, a psychologist, and a nutritionist worked with Maria for several months to prepare her for weight-loss surgery and help her get a healthy start on a new life. They developed a personalized plan and decided the sleeve gastrectomy procedure was best. Now, the girl who was unable to sing in her beloved school choir because of shortness of breath, smiles more, is outgoing and no longer at risk of diabetes.


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