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William D. Gaillard, MD

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The Center for Neuroscience and Behavioral Medicine

Division Chief, Epilepsy, Neurophysiology, and Critical Care Neurology

Clinical Electroneurodiagnostic Program
Director, Epilepsy - Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program (CPEP)
Epilepsy Surgical Program
Newly Diagnosed Seizure Clinic
Vagal Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Program

Children’s Research Institute (CRI)
Center for Neuroscience Research
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Specialties: Epilepsy

Board CertificationsAmerican Board of Psychiatry/Neurology-Child Neuro
National Provider Identifier1295754869

Service LocationsChildren's National Medical Center - Sheikh Zayed Campus for Advanced Children's Medicine
111 Michigan Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010
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Phone: 202-476-5000
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William Davis Gaillard, MD, an internationally recognized expert in pediatric epilepsy and imaging, is Chief of the Division of Epilepsy, Neurophysiology and Critical Care Neurology at Children's National. He also is the director of the IDDRC imaging core and associate director of the Center for Neuroscience Research, Children’s Research Institute.

His academic appointments include professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at George Washington University and professor of Neurology at Georgetown University.

As Division Chief of Epilepsy, Neurophysiology and Critical Care Neurology, he directs a team of pediatric specialists who see thousands of patients each year. Dr. Gaillard has worked throughout his career to care for children and young adults with epilepsy from the onset of seizures, through novel therapeutic interventions, medication trials, and, when appropriate, surgery. Treatment at Children's National addresses the full range of the condition, including problems of difficult-to-control epilepsy. Additionally, treatment includes the concurrent social, educational, and emotional issues faced by children with the condition and their families.

TypeSchoolLocationDegreeField of StudyYears
Undergraduate Education Yale University New Haven, CTBachelor of Arts History 1980
Medical School Yale University School of Medicine New Haven, CTDoctor of Medicine 1985
National & International Recognitions
Super DoctorsWashington Post Magazine2011
Top DoctorsU.S. News and World Report2011

Affiliations and Memberships
TitleInstitutionCommittee / SectionYears
Child Neurology SocietyAward Committee
American Epilepsy Society
American Academy of Neurology
International League Against EpilepsyDiagnostic Commission
American Neurological Association
Society for Pediatric Research
American Pediatric Society
TitleStudy NameInstitutionYears
Investigator Structural and Functional Neurobiology of Executive Function in Adolescents and Young Adults with NF1Department of Defense2008 - 2013
InvestigatorPartial Pediatric Epilepsy 2007 - 2012
InvestigatorA model-based investigation of face processing in autism2006 - 2010
InvestigatorSafety And Effectiveness Of Open Label Clobazam In Subjects with Lennox-Gastaut SyndromeOvation Pharmaceuticals2005
InvestigatorOpen Label, Long Term Followup Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Levetiracetam in Children with Partial Onset SeizuresUCB Pharmaceuticals2004
Read more about the research interests of William D. Gaillard
Journal Article, Hsieh DT, Taeun Chang T, Tsuchida TN, Vezina LG, Vanderver A, Siedel J, Brown K, Berl MM, Stephens S, Gaillard WD (2010), New onset afebrile seizures in infants: Presenting characteristics, Neurology, 74, 150-156.

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Journal Article, Rosenberger LR, Zeck J, Berl MM, Moore EN, Ritzl EK, Shamin S, Weinstein SL, Conry JA, Pearl PL, Sato S, Vezina LG, Theodore WH, Gaillard WD (2009), fMRI Evidence for Inter and Intra-hemispheric Language Re-organization in Complex Partial Epilepsy, Neurology, 72, 1830-1836.

Journal Article, Gaillard WD, Chiron C, Cross JH, Harvey AS, Kuzniecky R, Hertz-Pannier L, Vezina LG (2009), Guidelines for Imaging Infants and Children with Recent-Onset Epilepsy, Epilepsia , 50, 2147-2153.

Journal Article, Mbwana J, Berl MM, Ritzl EK, Rosenberger LR, Mayo J, Weinstein SL, Conry JA, Pearl PL, Ritter FF, Shamin S, Moore EN, Sato S, Vezina LG, Theodore WH, Gaillard WD. (2009), Limitations to Plasticity of Language Network Reorganization in Localization Related Epilepsy , Brain, 132, 347-356.

Journal Article, Gaillard, W.D., Berl, M.M., Moore, E.N., Ritzl, E.K., Rosenberger, L.R., Weinstein, S., Conry, J.A., Pearl, P.L., Ritter, F.F., Sato, S., Vezina, L.G., Vaidya, C.J., Wiggs, E., Fratelli, C., Risse, G. (2007), Atypical Language in Lesional and Non-lesional Complex Partial Epilepsy, Neurology, 69, 1761-1771.

Journal Article, Gaillard WD, Weinstein S, Conry JA, Pearl PL, Fazilat S, Fazilat S, Vezina LG, Reeves-Tyer P, Theodore WH (2007), Prognosis of Children with Partial Epilepsy: MRI and Serial 18FDG-PET, Neurology, 68, 655-659.

Journal Article, Gaillard WD, Balsamo L, Xu B, Grandin CB, Braniecki S, Papero P, Weinstein SL, Conry JA, Pearl PL, Sato S, Jabbari B, Vezina LG, Fratalli C, Theodore WH (2002), Language Dominance in Partial Epilepsy Patients Identified with an fMRI Reading Task, Neurology , 59, 259-265.

Journal Article, You X, Adjouadi M, Guillen MR, Ayala M, Barreto A, Rishe N, Sullivan J, Dlugos D, Berl M, VanMeter J, Morris D, Donner E, Bjornson B, Smith M,. Bernal B, Gaillard WD, Sub-Patterns of language network reorganization in Pediatric Localization Related Epilepsy- a Multisite Study, Human Brain Map .

For a more comprehensive list of publications for William Gaillard, MD view the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed online database

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