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Child and Adolescent Anxiety Program (CAAP)
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Child and Adolescent Anxiety Program (CAAP)

Anxiety disorders remain one of the most common forms of mental health problems among youth and can have a debilitating impact on a child or adolescent’s ability to function. The Child and Adolescent Anxiety Program (CAAP) at Children’s National Medical Center is a specialized treatment clinic devoted to carefully assessing and effectively treating a wide range of anxiety disorders common among children and adolescents, including: 
Generalized Anxiety Disorder     
• Specific Phobia
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Separation Anxiety Disorder
• Social Anxiety Disorder     
• Panic Disorder
• Medically Related Anxiety 

Does My Child Have Anxiety?
Anxiety disorders present themselves in a variety of ways. Frequent and intense of worry, avoidance, shyness, or nervousness can interfere with a child’s ability to make and keep friends, as well as with academic achievement, family cohesion, and a child’s overall level of happiness and self-esteem. If you suspect that your child struggles with anxiety, please contact our clinic to arrange for a professional assessment by our clinical team.

How We Can Help
At the Child and Adolescent Anxiety Program (CAAP) our team of clinicians conducts thorough assessments and implements individualized treatment programs with the goal of reducing the strain of your child’s anxiety as quickly and successfully as possible. Clinicians at CAAP rely upon the most effective psychotherapeutic techniques available to achieve our treatment goals.

Family-Focused Care

The Child and Adolescent Anxiety Program (CAAP) recognizes that children and adolescents affected by anxiety benefit from strong family functioning. Therefore, as a means to promote healthy family environments, clinicians at CAAP often suggest including parents and caregivers in the treatment of the children and adolescents we see. We find this strategy allows parents and caregivers to better understand how anxiety impacts their child as well as how to best support their child as they work to overcome anxiety.

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