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For Teens with Sickle Cell Disease
Sickle Cell Disease Program

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Sickle Cell Disease Program
Sickle cell Transition Education Project (STEP)


1. Avoiding Pain: A key to avoiding pain is knowing your limits  |  Take the test
2. Hydroxyurea  |  Take the test


What can’t I do because of sickle cell disease?
People with sickle cell disease should avoid certain activities. However, the list of things that you can do is much longer! If you have any question about a specific activity ask your doctor. You know your body best, so with experience, you will find what activities are best for you.    


Do you know what things you should avoid because of your sickle cell disease?  Is it okay to for you* do the following things?

Click YES or NO and find out if you are correct.
*Always follow the advice of your doctor. Since all people with sickle cell disease are different, your doctor may have different advice for you personally.  

Ride a rollercoaster

Go outside in the winter without a coat

Swim laps

Go to college away from home

Eat spicy food

Put ice on a bruise or sprain

Study all night for a test without sleeping

Work out at the gym

Climb Mount Everest

Fly on an airplane

Have a baby

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Hydroxyurea Quiz


1. Hydroxyurea is a new medication.

2. Hydroxyurea can sometimes cure sickle cell disease

3. Hydroxyurea can decrease the number of hospitalizations for a person with sickle cell.

4. Hydroxyurea improves life expectancy.

5. Hydroxyurea increases fetal hemoglobin.

6. All side effects from hydroxyurea are rare.

7. People taking hydroxyurea need special monitoring.

8. All people with sickle cell should take hydroxyurea

9. Hydroxyurea is a type of pain medication

10. Hydroxyurea takes a few days to start working

11. A person must take hydroxyurea every day for it to help their sickle cell disease

12. Hydroxyurea has been shown to increase the risk of cancer

13. Hydroxyurea may cause birth defects

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