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Montgomery County Regional Outpatient Center,
Ambulatory Surgery Center, Imaging Center
Meet the team

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Kathleen Atmore, PsyD Neuropsychology
Stanley Beder, MD Cardiology
Madison Berl, PhD Neuropsychology
Charles Berul, MD, Chief Cardiology
Angela Bollich, PhD Neuropsychology
Linda Bradley-Tiernan, MD Cardiology
Sukgi Choi, MD Ear, Nose, & Throat (Otolaryngology)
Clary, PhD
Sarah Clauss, MD Cardiology
Fran Cogen, MD Endocrinology & Diabetes
Laurie Conklin, MD Gastroenterology
Connell, LCSW
Psychiatry/ Psychology
Anil Darbari, MD Gastroenterology
Davies, RD
Heather deBeaufort, MD Ophthalmology
Donald Fishman, MD Neurology
Angela Fletcher, PhD Neuropsychology
Caelie Giapponi Speech-Language Pathology
Gerard Gioia, PhD, Chief Neuropsychology
Becky Glickman Physical Theraphy
Elizabeth Greene, MD Cardiology
Kristina Hardy, PhD Neuropsychology
Marsha Harris, PhD, CCC-SLP Neuropsychology

Carol Hartman, NP Cardiology
Kathryn Havens, PA Neurology
Jessica Henderson Speech-Language Pathology
Kelly Hutcheson, MD Ophthalmology
Amy Kao, MD Neurology
Paul Kaplowitz, MD Endocrinology & Diabetes
Jennifer Katzen Speech-Language Pathology
Laura Kenealy, PhD Neuropsychology
Lauren Kenworthy, PhD Neuropsychology
Benny Kerzner, MD Gastroenterology
Seema Khan, MD Gastroenterology
Hanna Kim, MD Rheumatology
Anastassios Koumbourlis, MD, Chief Pulmonary Medicine
Anita Krishnan, MD Cardiology
Lauren Krivitzky, PhS Neuropsychology
Emily Kuschner, PhD Neuropsychology
Lacoss, CCC-A
John Lovejoy, MD Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine
William Madigan, MD* Ophthalmology
Suresh Magee, MD Neurosurgery
Louis Marmon, MD  Surgery & Surgical Consult
Benjamin Martin, MD Orthopaedics/ Sports Medicine
Gerard Martin, MD, Co-Director,
Children's National Heart Institute
Aisha Meertins, LCSW Psychiatry/ Psychology
Rinku Mehra, MD Endocrinology & Diabetes
Edgardo Menvielle, MD Psychiatry/ Psychology
Mary Micker, NP Urology
Marijean Miller, MD Ophthalmology
Parvathi Mohan, MD Gastroenterology
Cheryl Molinatto, RD Nutrition
Jai Nahar, MD Cardiology
Radha Nandagopal, MD Endocrinology & Diabetes
Julie Newman, PhD Neuropsychology
Matthew Oetgen, MD Orthopaedics/ Sports Medicine
Folsade Ogunlesi, MD Pulmonary Medicine
Katherine Overman Occupational Therapy
Roger Packer, MD,
Senior Vice President
Haniya Raza, MD Neuropsychology
James Reese, MD Neurology
Katherine Rettke, LSW Psychiatry/ Psychology
Gary Rogers, MD, Chief Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Joanna Rosenthal, MD Cardiology
Roger Ruckman, MD Cardiology
H. Guilford Rushton, MD, Chief Urology
Craig Sable, MD Cardiology
Jacqueline Sanz, PhD Neuropsychology
Sona Sehgal, MD Gastroenterology
Nita Seibel, MD Hematology
Rahul Shah, MD Ear, Nose, & Throat (Otolaryngology)
Jennifer Shipley, NP Developmental Pediatrics

Daniel Shmorhud, MD Cardiology
R. Michael Sly, MD
Stephen Sparks, MD Urology
Christopher Spurney, MD Cardiology
Jorge Srabstein, MD Psychiatry/ Psychology
John Strang, PsyD Neuropsychology
Jonathan Taylormoore, MD* Ophthalmology
Tammy Tsuchida, MD Neurology
Sinan Turnacioglu, MD Developmental Pediatrics
Priya Vaidyanathan, MD Endocrinology & Diabetes
Christopher Vaughn, PsyD Neuropsychology
Karin Walsh, PhD Neuropsychology
Sandy Weinstein, LCSW Psychiatry/ Psychology
Beth Wells, MD  Neurology
Jaime Wolfe, MD  Gastroenterology
Wong, MSPT
George Zalzal, MD, Chief Ear, Nose, & Throat (Otolaryngology)
Dina Zand, MD Genetics & Metabolism

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