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Title: TRIPP (Paramedic): Teaching Resource for Instructors in Prehospital Pediatrics

Publication Year: 2002

Abstract: The paramedic version of TRIPP expands the scope of prehospital practice from basic to advanced life support procedures for children. It is a significant teaching adjunct that empowers instructors of ambulance personnel to provide comprehensive training in the assessment and treatment of critically ill and injured children. This is not a course, nor is it a curriculum. It is an encyclopedic resource that is being used nationwide. To order a copy of the CD, contact the EMSC National Resource Center at (202) 476-4927. This resource is also available as a downloadable pdf file from the Center for Pediatric Emergency Medicine website at http://cpem.med.nyu.edu/teaching-materials/paramedic-tripp.

Online Version: http://www.cpem.org

Publisher Name: Center for Pediatric Emergency Medicine (CPEM)

Publisher URL: http://www.cpem.org


cultural competency
disaster planning
family-centered care
pediatric equipment and supplies
provider education

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