Private and Regional Funding for EMSC Program-Related Activities



Allstate Foundation Grants

Grant Details: The Allstate Foundation has invested millions of dollars to support national and local programs in three focus areas:

  • Safe and vital communities: catastrophe response, youth anti-violence, neighborhood revitalization, teen safe driving.
  • Tolerance, inclusion, and diversity: teaching tolerance to youth, ending hate crimes, alleviating discrimination.
  • Economic empowerment: financial and economic literacy, insurance education, empowerment for victims of domestic violence.

Applications for new grants related to the Foundation's two signature programs of Teen Safe Driving and Economic Empowerment for Domestic Violence Survivors will be accepted from January 15 and will be considered after the July 15, 2010 application deadline.

For more information, access the How to Apply for a Grant subsection of the Foundation’s website.

American Honda Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Nov. 1, Feb. 1, May 1, and Aug. 1 (awarded on a quarterly schedule)
Grant Details: Honda gives priority to national organizations working in the areas of youth and scientific education, including private elementary and secondary schools, public and private colleges and universities, and scientific, nonprofit, or educational organizations. Scientific education encompasses both the physical life sciences and mathematics, as well as environmental education. Grants are in the range of $20,000 - $60,000 per organization.

Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: Recent grants under this program range from $50,000 - $300,000. Priority: The grants focus on numerous areas including private higher education, secondary education, religion, health care and public television.  Projects should have potential for widespread practical application (they cannot serve only local interests), facilitate communication among patients, families and caregivers, and ameliorate patient anxieties.   Proposals may involve new and different educational or research efforts.  All proposals must come from the president or primary executive of an institution.

Each grant program has specific instructions and requirements for submitting a funding request.  For more information, follow the links on the Application Procedures web page.

BIC Corporation Play Safe Be Safe Workshop Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: Each year BIC Corporation provides grants (seven in the United States and one in Canada) to present "Play Safe! Be Safe!" workshops in the United States and Canada. These workshops are designed to give fire safety educators, preschool teachers, and daycare providers the information and tools they need to effectively teach fire safety to preschool children. Priority: Priority is given to communities that can demonstrate their commitment to fire safety education.   The application involves a letter addressed to “Play Safe! Be Safe!,” letters of support from community agencies that would co-sponsor and help facilitate the workshop, and information on an appropriate workshop site.  For details on the application process, visit the How to Apply webpage.

Boeing Company Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: Through its Global Corporate Citizenship program, the Boeing Company makes contributions in five charitable focus areas: education; health and human services; arts and culture; and civic and environmental initiatives.  Within the health and human services area, the company seeks innovative programs in job training, social enterprise, businesses for low income communities, collaborations that coordinate healthcare services and economic self-sufficiency, and community-based programs that address healthcare disparities.  Funding is also provided for projects that improve the efficiency of health and human services systems, including food, housing, and healthcare.

The Charles Lafitte Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The Foundation is committed to helping groups and individuals foster lasting improvement on the human condition by providing support to

  • Education (includes support for innovative programs aimed at assisting students with learning disabilities)
  • Children’s Advocacy (includes support to programs that deal with issues such as child abuse and the general well-being of children)
  • Medical Research (includes support for innovative programs, research that promotes health, scientific and educational activities, and disease prevention)
  • The Arts

Preference is given to projects/programs that make a big difference to some individual’s critical needs over a project that will make a small difference too many individual’s minor needs. The Foundation has no deadlines or standard forms.  They also prefer proposals sent by email, not exceeding 10 double spaced pages.  Send all proposals to Jennifer Vertetis ( or mail to: The Charles Lafitte Foundation c/o Jennifer Vertetis 29520 2nd Ave SW, Federal Way , WA 98023.

The Commonwealth Fund Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The mission of The Commonwealth Fund is to promote a high- performing healthcare system that achieves better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency, particularly for society’s most vulnerable, including people with low incomes, the uninsured, minority Americans, young children, people with disabilities, and the elderly.  The Commonwealth Fund actively seeks to support projects on innovative approaches to addressing problems within its areas of focus, working in partnership with professionals and organizations in a range of fields.  The Fund’s current program areas are: 

  • Affordable Health Insurance
  • Commission on a High Performance Health System
  • Health Care Quality Improvement and Efficiency
  • International Program in Health Policy and Practice
  • Patient-Centered Coordinated Care Program
  • Payment System Reform
  • Quality of Care for Frail Elders
  • State High Performance Health System
  • Fellowship in Minority Health Policy

The Fund awards board-level grants in amounts greater than $50,000, with the median amount of $210,965.  Small grants are considered under $50,000, with the median amount of $18,324.  Grant periods range from one month to a few years, depending on the scope of the project. The Fund awards grants that support a complete project period, and not annual, renewable grants.

Cooperative Development Foundation Fund

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The Cooperative Development Fund is made up of several different funds including: MSC, Bowers, the CDF fund, NCBA Fund, Sollars and Sullivan.  Each type of grant has a different focus, but the overarching mission is to promote community, economic, and social development through cooperative enterprises. Grants range from $500 to over $100,000. Please review the Grant Guidelines to determine if you think your project fits within their funding priorities. If so, please submit a letter or Executive Summary describing your project to: Cooperative Development Foundation, 2011 Crystal Dr., Suite 800, Arlington, VA 22202, or email

Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) Research Fellowship Grant

Application Deadline: January 11, 2013
Grant Details: The EMF Research Fellowship is intended to provide the opportunity for formal education in research methodologies, and experience in research in preparation for an academic career as a research scientist. Fellowship proposals pursuing additional degrees (MS, PhD, etc) will receive the highest priority. The fellow should work in an active, progressive research environment that intimately involves the fellow in the conception, planning, conduct, and reporting of emergency medicine research. It is expected that the fellow will receive formal education in such topics as biomedical statistics, research design, laboratory safety, grant writing, and regulatory and ethical concerns. At the end of the Fellowship, the fellow should have a firm foundation in the fundamentals that will prepare the fellow to conduct independent research and compete effectively for extramural funding.

EMF/ENA Foundation Directed Team Grant Research Award

Application Deadline: January 11, 2013
Grant Details: This grant exists because of the donation of funds by both the Emergency Medicine Foundation and the ENA Foundation. It was funded specifically to support work that arises from a true physician-nurse partnership in a clinical research area pertinent to the practice of emergency medicine. As such, the applicants must provide evidence of a true collaborative effort between physician and nurse professionals and must delineate the relative roles of the participants in terms of protocol development, data collection, and manuscript preparation.

This request for proposals specifically seeks research related to the topic of ED overcrowding and ED workplace violence. Proposals may focus on a number of related areas, including: definitions and outcome measures of ED overcrowding, causes and effects of ED overcrowding, potential solutions to the problem of ED overcrowding, the scope and problem of ED workplace violence, definitions and metrics for measuring ED workplace violence, and projects that address coping with workplace violence.

EMF Health Policy Research Fellowship Grant

Application Deadline: January 11, 2013
Grant Details: The Emergency Medicine Foundation endeavors to promote and to provide improved education and research in the field of emergency medicine in order to improve the availability and quality of emergency medical treatment. One of our missions is to support and promote the delivery of quality emergency care by securing funding for health policy projects that examine dynamic societal issues related to emergency medical care.

The EMF Health Policy Research Grant Program awards for research projects in health policy or health services research topics. Applicants may apply for up to a total of $50,000, for a one year period.

For this grant cycle, EMF encourages applications with a focus on health services research, including but not limited to, health policy, practice, medical liability, regionalization, patient safety, and hospital utilization. However, it is important to note that EMF welcomes all applications, including research that is not health services-based.

FedEx Social Responsibility Program Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The mission of the FedEx Social Responsibility department is to actively support local communities and strengthen FedEx’s global reputation through strategic investment of people, resources and networking. Core giving areas include emergency/disaster relief, education, and pedestrian and child safety, and health and human services.  Applications are accepted year round and typically reviewed within three weeks of submission.

The Mayday Fund Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The Mayday Fund is dedicated to alleviating the incidence, degree, and consequence of human physical pain.

Current grant-making targets are: 1) projects that result in clinical interventions to reduce the toll of physical pain; 2) pediatric pain; 3) pain in non-verbal populations; and 4) pain in the context of emergency medicine. Grants are made only to public charities and educational institutions officially recognized as such by the IRS. The Mayday Fund generally concentrates its activities in the United States but in the past grants have been made to Canadian organizations. For all initial or new contacts please send an email to: Christina Spellman, Executive Director: Please hold mail and phone contacts until after the initial email communication.

McKesson Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The McKesson Foundation contributes approximately $5 million each year to non-profit community based organizations working to improve the lives of children and families. They focus on improving healthcare quality, personal health management and lower healthcare costs.  The McKesson Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals, but may keep information on file and contact potential applicants at a later date.

National Emergency Medicine Association Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The National Emergency Medicine Association (NEMA) awards grants in accordance with its mission of preventing injury and illness by addressing health and social issue through education, applied research, and equipment.   “Prevention through education” is the overall theme that characterizes NEMA’s work.  Grants are awarded to assist trauma centers, community emergency squads, hospital heart and stroke centers, nurses’ associations, hospital and health clinics, rehabilitation centers, doctors and community health care stations.  For more information on the application process, access the Grant Guidelines.  Grant proposals should be submitted to Kelly A. Herzog, President; National Emergency Medicine Association, PO Box 69, Nottingham, MD 21128.

Public Welfare Organization

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details:  Grants are focused in one of four areas criminal and juvenile justice, health reform, workers rights and special opportunities. In the area of health reform the grants seek to expand effective consumer advocacy for health care, particularly on the state and local levels.  Health Reform grants generally vary from $50,000- $200,000.  Applications are accepted year round, with application processing usually requiring four to six months.  For more information, access the Apply for a Grant webpage.

RGK Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: RGK Foundation makes grant awards in the broad areas of education, community, and medicine/health. Awards are offered to medicine/ health programs that promote the health and well-being of children and families, programs that promote access to health services and medical research programs.  Since 1966 the Foundation has awarded more that 2,570 grants totaling over $81 million dollars.  The RGK Foundation no accepts unsolicited proposals, and all applicants must complete an electronic letter of inquiry as a first step. Grants are made only to nonprofit organizations. For more information on the Foundation's grant program and specific areas of interest, please refer to the How to Apply section of the Web site.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation aims to help Americans live healthier lives and get the care they need. The seven major program areas are: building human capital, childhood obesity, coverage, pioneer initiatives, public health, quality/equality, and vulnerable populations. Current Calls for Proposals include:

  • Improving Quality and Value in Healthcare: Ideas from the Field
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Local Funding Partnerships
  • Ladder to Leadership: Developing the Next Generation of Community Health Leaders
  • Changes in Healthcare Financing and Organization

Seva Foundation

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details:  The Seva Foundation supports projects in the area of health and wellness, community development, environmental protection and cultural preservation.  Within the United States, Seva supports the above noted areas of projects within Native American (NA) communities.  Grants within NA communities range from $2,000-$5,000 and since 1990 grant shave been awarded totaling over $800,000.  For more information, access the Native American Grants Program website.  Note that the Seva Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications for this program.

State Farm Insurance Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: State Farm® is committed to meeting the needs of their communities by focusing the giving in three areas: Safe Neighbors (safety), Strong Neighborhoods (community development), and Education Excellence (education). Grant requests for local initiatives are considered by State Farm Operation Centers.  One proposal per organization per year will be considered if it meets the guidelines outlined.  All grants must be submitted online, and the grant cycle is from January 2 through October 31.  For additional information, scroll down to the bottom of the web page to find the State Farm Office in your area.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The mission of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation is to create support for “children, families, and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society”.  Most Foundation grants direct resources and energy toward educated kids, healthy kids, secure familiesracial equity and civic engagement; in the United States, identified priority geographic areas include Michigan, Mississippi, and New Mexico. Between September 2007 and August 2008 the Kellogg Foundation received 3,500 proposals and awarded 6777 new grants, totaling $358,890,687.  Interested applicants are encouraged to submit requests for funding via the foundation’s online application.

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Health Funding Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The Hearst Foundations are national philanthropic resources for organizations and institutions working in education, health, culture and social service.  In the health category, the Foundations fund direct medical services that promote wellness, prevention, and rehabilitation.  Areas of interest include cancer, geriatrics, neonatology, perinatology, pediatrics, women’s health, and the disabled. Proposals must be submitted with a brief cover letter, one page executive summary and a five-page proposal narrative.  For more information on the application process, see the How to Apply webpage.


Abell-Hanger Foundation

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The Abell-Hanger Foundation makes grants to charitable, educational or missionary ventures in the areas of public welfare, education, health services, human services arts and cultural activities and community or societal benefit.  Organizations must be located in Texas.  Check the submission deadlines webpage for information on applications.

Albertson’s Inc. Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: Albertsons and its family of stores have focused their support on organizations that help create healthy, thriving communities.  Albertsons gives grants to nonprofit and school programs that meet the following areas of focus: hunger relief, health, and nutrition.  Programs should be located in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Southern California, Southern Nevada, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, or Texas. Please contact for more information.

The California Wellness Foundation

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The California Wellness Foundation seeks to provide health to underserved populations, encourage leaders to increase health within their communities, and inform policymakers about health care issues.  They have prioritized the following list of health issues for funding: diversity in health professions, environmental health, healthy aging, mental health, teenage pregnancy prevention, violence prevention, women’s health, and work and health.  Applications must focus on health issues in California.  To apply write a one to two page letter of interest and mail to: Director of Grants Management, TCWF, 6320 Canoga Avenue, Suite 1700, Woodland Hills, CA 91367.  For more information, access How to Apply.

John Deere Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The John Deere Foundation serves as the company’s chief philanthropic arm.  John Deere places a high priority on improving the quality of life in the areas it serves including education, community betterment, and solutions for world hunger. The Company supports projects in specific communities where John Deere has a major presence in Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin. All grant requests must be made in writing. Grants are awarded upon: availability of funds; effectiveness of requestor’s program; impact upon John Deere employees, and demonstrated level of community support.  For additional information on the John Deere Foundation Grants, see Working with Us.

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The Foundation transforms individual lives and strengthens. The Foundation focuses its efforts on states including:

  • The Arts and Culture Program contributes to the health and vibrancy of cities and towns throughout the Pacific Northwest by nurturing artistic expression and promoting critical thinking through the creation and presentation of compelling artistic programs. We also help cultural organizations improve their financial performance through a range of capacity building efforts.
  • The Asset Building Program helps low-income individuals and families acquire the skills and resources needed to achieve long-term economic stability and success.
  • The Education and Youth Engagement Program enhances the way young people learn by testing new models within the K-12 public education system, enhancing teacher retention and effectiveness, and expanding opportunities for youth to develop new interests, skills, and abilities.
  • The Emergency Relief Program strengthens the social safety net to meet the basic needs of our region's most vulnerable residents, including food, shelter, and other emergency services.
  • The Library Program supports the growth and success of libraries in their communities.
  • The Science and Technology Innovations Program advances promising research and technological developments that have the potential to expand knowledge, improve health, and protect the environment.

The Foundation accepts letters of inquiry for some programs and requires invitations for others.  Award sizes vary from $10,000-$250,000.  Due to the current financial crisis the organization will focus its current efforts on assisting nonprofit organizations and long-term efforts such as job training.

The Starr Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The Starr Foundation makes grants in a number of areas, including education, medicine and healthcare, human needs, public policy, culture and the environment. With current assets of approximately $1.25 billion, it is one of the largest private foundations in the United States. The Foundation rarely funds local charities outside of New York City but may fund national organizations that serve communities within and outside of New York. Education has traditionally been one of the largest areas of giving; medicine and health care are increasingly important areas. The Foundation’s grants are far-ranging, including capital grants to hospitals, significant research grants, and grants to assist in the provision of health care to underserved communities in New York City and overseas. The Foundation does not provide funding for individual research projects and prefers to focus its project funding at New York City hospitals and research centers.  The Foundation does not review unsolicited proposals. 

Van Ameringen Foundation Grants

Application Deadline: Ongoing
Grant Details: The van Ameringen Foundation is a private grant-making foundation, located in New York City and active principally in metropolitan New York and Philadelphia. The Foundation supports programs in prevention, education, and direct care in the mental-health field with an emphasis on those individuals and populations having an impoverished background. The Foundation is interested in encouraging and attracting innovative and practical programs in areas which: 1) increase the accessibility of the poor and needy to mental-health services; and 2) offer preventive and early-intervention strategies 3) advocate for systematic change with national impact.

All inquiries and grant requests should be in writing and addressed to the President, Mr. Henry van Ameringen and sent to 509 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022. A letter of inquiry summarizing the request and stating the dollar amount of the required funding should precede the submission of a full proposal.  Interviews are initiated by the Foundation. Decisions on grants are made by the Board of Directors of the Foundation, which meets three times each year to consider grant proposals-- March, June, and November.  For more information, visit the Application Procedures web page.