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Connect To Protect Program
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Today's young people face many complex health risks. By educating teens about behaviors that increase the risk of disease and infection, we empower them to make informed decisions to preserve their health.

Committed to Making a Difference for the Community
In the District of Columbia HIV case rates are far greater than those in comparable large cities, and higher than the national average. As the leading provider of pediatric care in the District of Columbia, staff at Children’s National see the impact of HIV/AIDS in our community.

We are dedicated to working with the community to prevent the spread of HIV, care for youth with HIV and AIDS, and ensure young people are offered the opportunity to be represented in research ranging from HIV prevention to treatment and care.

The Connect to Protect program is part of the nationwide Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions. Under the leadership of William Barnes, PhD, the program focuses on engaging the entire community to reduce the spread of HIV and help protect the well being of adolescents and young adults:
  • Community leaders
  • Families
  • Local organizations
  • Peers
  • Service providers
  • Social institutions
  • Spiritual institutions
One of the valued features of the network is the Youth Advisory Board composed of HIV-infected youth. This voluntary group meets monthly to review research results, provide recommendations, share stories, and develop strategies to further disseminate the most important messages to the community.

Research to Prevent the Spread of HIV/AIDS
Health researchers have worked for years to identify the most promising ways to prevent adolescent and young adult illness and disease. Independently, communities and researchers have made important contributions to protecting young people's health. Imagine the possibilities for creating and enacting powerful solutions with meaningful collaboration.

To learn more about current research activities and how to get involved, speak with a member of the program team or Children’s staff.

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