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Epilepsy Surgical Program
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Epilepsy Surgical Program

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The Epilepsy Surgical Program is an associated specialty of Children’s Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program (CPEP), which coordinates all aspects of care for epilepsy patients and related support for their families.

Surgical treatment of epilepsy is usually sought when a child has seizures that cannot be controlled by standard therapy with medications (and sometimes special diets such as the Ketogenic Diet). It is estimated that for 10 percent of children with epilepsy, surgery may be their best chance to live seizure-free.

Before, During, and After Your Child’s Procedure
There are various surgical options for epilepsy, and our multidisciplinary epilepsy team determines the right approach for each patient individually. Our team includes specialists in:
•  Child Psychiatry
•  Epilepsy
•  Neuroradiologiy
• ;Neurosurgery
•  Neuropsychologiy
•  Social Work
Evaluations for epilepsy surgery include advanced continuous video EEG, 3T MRI, fMRI, FDG-PET, SPECT, MEG, and the intra-carotid amobarbital test.

Surgical procedures include subdural grid monitoring, amygdalohippocampectomy, lesionectomy, cortecectomy, lobectomy, hemispherectomy, and placement of vagal nerve stimulator.

Amanda Yaun, MD, a member of Children’s neurosurgery team, is a nationally recognized expert in epilepsy surgery. Each year the team performs about 40 operations for children with epilepsy, and maintains a reputation for excellent surgical outcomes.

After your child’s procedure, you and your child have access to continued support through the CPEP.

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