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Bladder Augmentation and Mitrofanoff (Continent Diversion)

For children with certain physical or spinal injuries and birth defects, such as Spina Bifida, bladder augmentation and Mitronoff can make it easier to drain or empty the bladder. A bladder augmentation is a reconstructive procedure performed to increase the size of the bladder and allow the bladder to stretch and hold more urine. The procedure helps relieve some of the pressure in the bladder, the feeling you have when you need to go to the bathroom. Children’s surgeons may also create a Mitronoff for the patient. A Mitronoff, also called a continent diversion, is a small opening or tunnel inside the body. A small tube or catheter in the Mitronoff takes urine (pee) from the bladder to outside the body. After surgery, we teach you how to use the catheter and coordinate the necessary follow up care. Bladder Augmentation and Mitrofanoff Guide
Bladder Augmentation and Mitrofanoff (Continent Diversion) - Departments & Programs - Children's National Medical Center