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Meet Our Team

Roger J Packer, MD

Maria T Acosta, MD

Julie E Albert, NP, CPNP-PC

Robert A Avery, DO

Derek A Bruce, MD

Sarah H Evans, MD

Gerard A Gioia, PhD

Kristina K Hardy, PhD

Cheng Ying Ho, MD, PhD

Eugene I Hwang, MD

Robert F Keating, MD

Lindsay B Kilburn, MD

AeRang Kim, MD, PhD

Suresh Magge, MD

John S Myseros, MD

Matthew E Oetgen, MD

Chima O Oluigbo, MD

Gary F Rogers, MD

Brian R Rood, MD

Kenneth N Rosenbaum, MD

Lisa T Samanta, NP, PPCNP

Peter K Shibuya, NP, CPNP-PC

Patroula Smpokou, MD

Sheela L Stuart, PhD

Laura L Tosi, MD

Priya Vaidyanathan, MD

L Gilbert Vezina, MD

Karin S Walsh, PsyD

Elizabeth M Wells, MD

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