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Diabetes Program (Childhood and Adolescent)
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Diabetes Program (Childhood and Adolescent)

Diabetes Program (Childhood and Adolescent )
Children's National Medical Center's Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes Program is the largest pediatric diabetes program in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing care for children and young adults from Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.

In order to better serve our patients, Children’s National opened the Washington Nationals Diabetes Care Complex on June 5, 2013. The complex allows Children’s National to provide quality diabetes care with the help of its state-of-the-art outpatient treatment rooms and an education center, where families can participate in simulation labs to learn about proper nutrition and physical exercise ? the keys to diabetes management. The complex was made possible through a partnership with the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation.

Our goal is for children with diabetes to live long happy lives without complications. This is possible when patients of any age are able to successfully manage their condition.

As an American Diabetes Association (ADA)-recognized education provider, we help children, teens, and their families understand how to manage and cope with all aspects of the disease. The program accepts all new patients up to the age of 22, with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

In addition to regular meetings with a physician, an intensive and comprehensive education program teaches you and your child how to control diabetes.

The education program provides:
• Instruction on insulin administration, blood glucose monitoring, medical nutrition therapy, exercise, and coping skills
• Daily phone reminders for new patients to adjust insulin doses
• Guidance on the use of continuous glucose monitoring technology
• Intensive management training, including basal-bolus treatment using injected insulin and insulin pump therapy
• Psychology intervention for behavior and coping issues

    Members of Your Child’s Care Team
    Program participants have access to a multidisciplinary team of pediatric physicians, certified diabetes educators (CDE), registered nurses, dietitians, a psychologist, and a dedicated social worker.

    The program team works closely with the most important members of the care team — patients and parents — to identify healthy habits and behaviors that enable you and your child to successfully manage this chronic disease.

    Our extended team includes members of a Diabetes Program Advisory Committee, composed of family members and community stakeholders. The Advisory Committee meets annually to evaluate and recommend family-centered initiatives for the program.

    Resources Blog for Teens. Dr. Cogen is a guest writer on a web site specifically for teens with diabetes.
    Read Dr. Cogen's April 2010 newsletter (PDF)
    Washington Nationals Team up with Children's National Medical Center to Create a New Diabetes Care Complex | April 2008
    Online Resources

    Director Fran Cogen, MD, is a frequent contributor to HealthCentral, an online support and resource site for patients and families of a child with type 1 diabetes.

    The program’s Diabetes Team E-Newsletter features helpful information for patients with diabetes. Follow this link to read previous editions and sign-up below:
    — Sign me up to receive the Diabetes Team E-Newsletter

    Children’s National actively participates in research to continually improve diabetes care for children, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

    Patients are invited to participate in a diabetes related study. These studies include helping families better cope with the stresses of diabetes, and training patients and their parents to work together more effectively on diabetes management. Patients should ask their physician for more information.

    Children’s National also participates in TrialNet, a global initiative to prevent, delay, and advance treatment for children and adults with type 1 diabetes. Researchers are studying ways to reduce the likelihood of developing the disease, and preserving insulin production in individuals recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Contact Audrey Austin, MD, at 202-476-5328 for further information.

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