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Hospitalist Program at Mary Washington Hospital
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Hospitalist Program at Mary Washington Hospital

Francisco Alvarez, MD, speaks at Mary Washington Healthcare’s “Update to the Community” event, where he highlights the improvements in quality of care since Children’s National Medical Center partnered with Mary Washington in 2009.

Children’s National Medical Center partners with Mary Washington Healthcare to provide pediatric hospitalists at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredricksburg, Va. The inpatient pediatric team consists of Children’s pediatric specialists who deliver care to children. Children’s hospitalists provide coverage for the pediatric inpatient unit, newborn nursery, and consultation support for the Emergency Department at all times — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Information for Referring Physicians
Patients can be admitted to the pediatric inpatient unit from your office or directly through the Emergency Department.

Direct Admissions
Direct admissions can be coordinated between the unit and an outside physician. Call the Mary Washington Hospital Physician Answering Service at 540-741-1700. You can discuss the case directly with a pediatric hospitalist. We require that physicians complete an examination of the referred patient within the prior 8 hours to ensure clinical stability and required admission.

Send patients who require emergency care directly to the Emergency Department. A hospitalist determines if a patient requires hospitalization and coordinates admission. In evaluating a patient for admission, the hospitalist considers the patient’s needs, medical complexity, and bed availability. Physicians will receive a call from the care team to report on the patient’s status and disposition.

Please send all patients with acute respiratory distress and/or severe systemic illness to the Emergency Department.

Contact Information

Can’t decide where to send a patient? Call the Mary Washington Hospital Physician Answering Service at 540-741-1700 to discuss the case with a hospitalist.

If you have further questions, contact Medical Director Francisco Alvarez, MD, at

You can contact your patients or request an update on your patient’s progress from the attending hospitalist at Mary Washington Hospital by calling 540-372-4926. Calls can be transferred into patient rooms until 8:00pm.

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