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Sleep Medicine Clinic

The Pediatric Sleep Medicine Program provides assessment and treatment of sleep disorders in infants and children. A multidisciplinary team of sleep specialists from psychology, pulmonology, and neurology collaborate on treatment of all types of sleep problems including medically based disorders such as sleep apnea, and sleep-related behavior problems such as difficulty falling and staying asleep at night. In the Pediatric Sleep Research Program clinical scientists conduct cutting edge research on the impact of sleep disorders on child health and development as well as cognitive function and academic performance.

There is a four bed state-of-the-art sleep laboratory in the main hospital in which children (newborns to young adults) spend the night with a parent or guardian and receive a thorough assessment of sleep related breathing problems (e.g., snoring and pauses in breathing), sleep related movement disorders, and disorders of excessive daytime tiredness.

Children are also evaluated and treated in weekly clinics in the division of pulmonary medicine. These assessments involve a thorough evaluation and treatments tailored to children's and families unique needs.

Sleep specialists work closely with referring physicians to review treatment plans and to educate community healthcare providers about cutting-edge treatments. Such collaboration is particularly important because sleep disorders are often misdiagnosed as psychiatric and other medical problems.

There are also occasional opportunities for children and families to participate in research projects that may benefit the participants as well as our general knowledge of the importance of sleep during childhood.

Download 'The ABCs of ZZZs: Common Sleep Disorders in Children' PDF

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